A button in GUI to move on to next image from a for loop in a different push button.

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When the user presses, the first push button the program allows it to select some directories and then starts displaying the images from the directories in a for loop. So, the first image will be shown and the user will do some imfreehand drawing in it.
I want a separate push button that will allow them to go to the next iteration/picture in the for loop running from the first push button. Is there any way to do this? I don't want to resort to message boxes at this time.

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Matthew Eicholtz
Matthew Eicholtz on 2 Aug 2017
I would advise against "displaying the images from the directories in a for loop." What about the following setup?
  • Pushbutton #1 (load images): When the user presses this button, they are queried to select a directory of images from file. Those images are all loaded into the GUI and stored in a variable (e.g., I).
  • Axes: I assume there is an axes in your GUI to display the images. Use a variable (e.g., current_image) that keeps track of the index of which image to show. When that variable changes (from the Pushbutton #2), use a listener function to update the image that is shown in the axes.
  • Pushbutton #2 (change images): When the user presses this button, the variable current_image updates (triggering the update of the image shown in the axes). In fact, if it were me, I would use a slider that ranges from 1 to the number of images so that the user can move forward and backward through the directory of images; in this case, you can simply use the value of the slider instead of current_image.
  • Pushbutton #3 (starts imfreehand tool): you don't explicitly say this, but I'd suggest incorporating the imfreehand as a button that the user selects. In this way, the user can decide when they want to draw on the image, instead of being forced in a for loop.
Does this make sense? Let me know if anything is unclear.
Linda Hornakova
Linda Hornakova on 30 Nov 2017
Edited: Linda Hornakova on 30 Nov 2017
Hello, I am able to load picture with:
>>[filename, pathname] = uigetfile('.jpg','C:\Data\LOOP-1');
>>img=imread([pathname, filename]);
But I have many pictures in the file, is it possible after uploading one to skip to the next picture with push button called "Next"?
Thank you!

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