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Help me how can identify intensity for each wavelength

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I have 30 RGB images, how can I identify each band intensity?

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Ramanuja Jagannathan
Ramanuja Jagannathan am 4 Aug. 2017
I believe by band intensity you mean to separate R,G,B components from the image and get individual intensities. To do that, get individual 2-D matrices from the 3-D matrix. So, if 'img' is a variable containing the color image data.
R = img(:,:,1);
G = img(:,:,2);
B = img(:,:,3);
Hope this is what you are looking for.
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swetha Derangula
swetha Derangula am 5 Aug. 2017
Bearbeitet: swetha Derangula am 5 Aug. 2017
hello sir
Thanks for your suggestions! For Individual will prefer threshold, histogram etc.. I have different wavelengths images like 400nm to 700nm, how can I find out intensity for each wavelength , I will share you sample image for your reference
Thank you

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