Creating gui for position tracking of multiple objects

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Should I make such kind of GUI using matlab Guide? given in this link I am afraid matlab doesnot support such possibilities. I can do programming in MATLAB but I have no experience in developing GUI using MATLAB as well. As I want to make GUI on commercial level and I am new in developing GUI I need to know the right start please guide me

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Akhilesh Thakur
Akhilesh Thakur on 27 Jul 2017
GUIDE is basically made for tool based gui The link which you are pointing too is more dynamic. This can be done in MATLAB but there are other powerful options such as you can go for Python or other language. Many youtube tutorials are available for your type of GUI
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Sairah on 27 Jul 2017
Thank you for your reply Till now I have start some work related to that but still I didnot feel MATLAB can done this for me I dont know about python But I know little C# I have been working on MATLAB since 4 years but never get a chance to create GUI But now I have asked to do that, so I need to know which way is better

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