I am using the "print" function after putting an uitable in a figure, but bottom rows of my table is cut off in the printed pdf

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I am using the "print" function to create a PDF of an uitable. But the bottom few rows of my uitable is cut off in the PDF. Is there a way split it into two pages? The "print" function doesn't seem to be able to do that, or am I wrong?
Thanks, LZXH

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Shruti Shivaramakrishnan
Shruti Shivaramakrishnan on 31 Jul 2017
The "uiputfile" method might be helpful in this scenario: http://www.mathworks.com/help/matlab/ref/uiputfile.html
Ensure that the "PaperPosition" property as well as the "PaperSize" property are accurately set.
If you would like to split the pdf into multiple pages, the following answer's link might be helpful: https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/answers/52889-placing-plots-into-multiple-page-pdf-document

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