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subdivision of samples to calculate RMS

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Win co
Win co am 6 Apr. 2012
Hi, I have a signal recorded with 10^6 samples. I would like to calculate its RMS for each 10^2 samples. Could you show me how to do it please ? Thanks

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Wayne King
Wayne King am 6 Apr. 2012
You can create a matrix where you take every 100 consecutive samples of your waveform and use those as the columns of the matrix. The you can compute the RMS value for each column.
x = randn(1e6,1);
for nn = 0:1e4-1
X(:,nn+1) = x(nn*100+1:(nn+1)*100,1);
You could also try repmat for this, but you may run into memory problems.
x = randn(1e6,1);
x1 = repmat(x,[1e2 1e4]);
The for loop above should not have memory issues.

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Win co
Win co am 6 Apr. 2012
thanks alot for your answer. It works very well.


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