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Concatenating cells together?

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Erik J
Erik J am 28 Jun. 2017
Kommentiert: Erik J am 28 Jun. 2017
I have a cell array that is 54 x 5. Each cell in the array is Y x 5 - all have 5 columns but different numbers of rows.
Each cell essentially represents data for 5 variables from 54 total subjects - each row of the array is a subject and each column of the array is an experimental condition. Each individual cell is the data (5 variables) for that subject for that condition.
I would like to combine the data from each of the cells in each column of the array together, so I would end up with a 1 x 5 cell array, with each cell being Z x 5, where Z is the sum of all the rows of all the cells in any given column of the original 54 X 5 array.
Essentially, this would give me cells that have all the data for all subjects for each individual condition. Does this make sense and is this possible?
Thank you!

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Guillaume am 28 Jun. 2017
Bearbeitet: Guillaume am 28 Jun. 2017
newarray = cell(1, 5);
for col = 1:5
newarray{col} = vertcat(yourcellarray{:, col});

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