GUIDE UI with resize 'on' displays incorrectly

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Hi everyone,
I have chronic issues with getting UIs created with GUIDE to display consistently. It seems that whenever I fix one visualisation issue, another springs up in its wake. The latest issue is depicted below:
When I start MATLAB, the first time I run of my GUIDE UIs, the top and right-hand edges are always clipped by a couple of millimetres (L). Any subsequent UI which I open displays correctly (R). The issue can be reproduced by restarting MATLAB.
I have found that the behaviour is related to the resize property of the figure; if I set the property resize='off', the clipping issue is resolved, but the GUI sometimes shows too much space, depending on whether a figure was previously opened:
I wish I created my UIs without GUIDE to begin with, because it seems almost impossible to get a consistent appearance using GUIDE.
A workaround which doesn't cause trouble elsewhere in the UI is to switch to the Windows Classic theme. This makes me wonder if the issue is related to the OS as opposed to MATLAB?
Has anyone else experienced problems with getting GUIDE UIs to appear correctly?
Many thanks!
Louis Vallance

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Akhilesh Thakur
Akhilesh Thakur on 31 Jul 2017
In the guide while creating gui are your panels touching the outside border, if yes this is going to happen. Try to keep panels little inside the resize will handle it. This happened with me too but i changed my panel structure.
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Louis Vallance
Louis Vallance on 3 Aug 2017
Hi Akhilesh!
Thanks for the answer. This is something I discovered while playing around. However, it doesn't solve the issue for me. I'll try to leave even more space and hope it improves. From an aesthetic point of view, I like the GUI objects to be close to the window border so this could be my issue.

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