Elementwise comparison

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Brian on 5 Apr 2012
Hi, I have a matrix that I would like to filter the row results using a different filter for each row without having to write a for statement. Take the following example.
z = [1 2 3;2 1 3];
y = [2;1];
I'd like to be able to say, count the values by row from z where each specific value is compared to the row value from y. I would expect the following to yield a 2x3 logical that I could perform my sum function on.
x = z .> y;
Would yield
x = logical([0 0 1;1 0 1]);
sum(x,2) = [1;2]
Thanks a lot, Brian

Accepted Answer

Oleg Komarov
Oleg Komarov on 5 Apr 2012
There's no logical elementwise operator since they already require the array to match dimensions.
Thus, one way is to replicate y to the size of z and then compare. To avoid repmat, you can use directly:
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Brian on 5 Apr 2012
That's perfect. Thank you.

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