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Edward am 4 Apr. 2012
Kommentiert: Stephen23 am 11 Jun. 2021
Hi, im trying to read in some numbers from some HTML:
'<br>1,020.32 mb<br>'
Im currently using regexp(string,'\d+','match'), how can i read in a number such as the one above that has a comma and a decimal point?
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Stephen23 am 28 Feb. 2015
Bearbeitet: Stephen23 am 28 Feb. 2015
For developing and checking regular expressions here is an interactive helper:

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 4 Apr. 2012
regexp(string, '(\d+,)*\d+(\.\d*)?', 'match')
The above is flexible enough to support any number of leading groups of digits and commas (including no leading groups). It is also flexible enough to support the possibility that the decimal point and following digits are not present -- so it supports the equivalent of your \d+ (plain integers without commas or decimal points). Furthermore it supports a trailing decimal point with no digits afterwards.
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Evangelos Stefanidis
Evangelos Stefanidis am 11 Jun. 2021
In my case I had the following string and I was interested in getting the number between -....mVPower-. That was my coding:
Stephen23 am 11 Jun. 2021
S = '2021-06-08-Blank5-D150mm-R0mm-7LPM-0N2Shild-12.6mVPower-105ns-25ns-G600-C580-2Acc-60xInt-4VBins-slit10u-100Frames-NoIcorr-Polar-NoFilter.spe';
P = str2double(regexp(S,'\d+\.?\d*(?=mVPower)','match','once'))
P = 12.6000

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