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any body please explain me what is happening in swt command in matlab? swt in the sense stationary wavelet transform.

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[swa,swd]=swt(signal,level_decomposing,'wavelet name') if i use above one,i will get approximate and detail coefficients...but i dont know how we are getting...please explain me what is happening in swt command

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Wayne King
Wayne King am 19 Jun. 2017
Hi Bharat, Have you read the literature on the stationary wavelet transform? This is the paper to read: SWT paper
The SWT is a nondecimated discrete wavelet transform so the number of detail coeffcients (wavelet coefficients) or approximation coefficients (scaling) are the same at each level as the data length.
The SWT has some restriction on sample size and level of the wavelet transform. Wavelet Toolbox also provides the MODWT, which is undecimated discrete wavelet transform that works for an arbitrary sample size.
Hope that helps, Wayne


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