how can i create code that triggers message automatically to mobile when test strips picture is uploaded

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Hi team, I am a biomedical student doing a research. By using MATLAB i'm trying to design a strip of universal pH meter. i have pictures of 14 colors for every pH level and i wanted to give each strip values from 1 to 14. so that when the test strip picture is uploaded in MATLAB. It should automatically match the closet color value and trigger a message to mobile with that particular pH level. i got a code from online that triggers message to mobile. could someone give me an idea how to write the code step wise. and how it works.
Thanks in Advance priya

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Shruti Shivaramakrishnan
Shruti Shivaramakrishnan on 12 Jun 2017
You could use the "Image Acquisition Toolbox" to acquire the pictures:
Then you could use the "Image processing Toolbox" to identify the individual colors and demarcate them for different functionalities:
Then you could use the Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox" to classify them into different categories as required. This should automatically identify your appropriate PH values.
As of now I believe that the SMS functionality might not be available. However, you could use the following file-exchange submission(considered third-party):
or you could send an email using the "sendmail" function:
The above documentation links contain examples with code as well as explanations which may prove helpful. Hope this helps!

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