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How to use a KNN classifier from Matlab in c++

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deams on 29 May 2017
Answered: Bernhard Suhm on 20 Sep 2018
I have been tinkering with the machine learning toolbox in Matlab for a while. Now that I managed to get a good classifier, I would like to test it out of the lab. I was happy to see that Matlab has a built-in code generation tool, but it seems that KNN classifiers are not included.
How would I go about using the trained KNN from Matlab in a c++ program?
Would I have to write my own KNN implementation and use the parameters from the trained one in Matlab? If so, is there such an implementation already?

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Bernhard Suhm
Bernhard Suhm on 20 Sep 2018
Little late, but with MATLAB Coder you can convert a prediction function for KNN to C/C++ code, and then use that with your other code for feature extraction (which you could write in MATLAB also, and then convert - for supported functions).

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