Exposure correction: White balancing & GammaCorrection

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zouhair jimmouh
zouhair jimmouh am 24 Mai 2017
Beantwortet: Mahmoud Afifi am 6 Jan. 2020

I am trying to solve this problem : there is a set of pictures all off them have ColorChecker chart(you will find an example below). i already created a program that extract all the patchs of the ColorChecker chart ( i am more interested in the 6 gray patches; from white to black). My goal is based on one of the ColorChecker chart from one of the images of my choice(the one i think it has the best exposure), i want to apply a correcrtion ( gamma correction , white balance, exposure compensation.. i really don't know which one and how to do any of them) on the rest of the images so that at end all the gray patchs in every single images have the same RGB value.

cheers, Zouhair

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Mahmoud Afifi
Mahmoud Afifi am 6 Jan. 2020
If your photos are in raw format, then you can easily correct everything. But if your photos are already rendered, then it becomes more difficult. Can you post more examples to understand the problem more. I don’t think this example has a problem with white balance.
Also you can check the following code, i hope it helps. https://github.com/mahmoudnafifi/WB_sRGB


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