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How to plot test and validation accuracy every epoch using Computer vision system toolbox? And what about overfitting?

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I am finding many blogs of CNN and its related classification strategy in Matlab but I couldn't find how I could actually plot the validation set accuracy for every epoch along with the training set accuracy.
above documentation shows that I could plot training accuracy every epoch but not the validation set accuracy.
If that is not possible how to make sure that my network is not overfitting?

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Sebastian K
Sebastian K am 26 Mai 2017
Hi Jay,
There is no option to display the validation set accuracy. However this should not be necessary. Functions in the Neural Network Toolbox employ a technique called Early Stopping, which takes the validation set error into consideration to prevent overfitting. The article I am linking to provides some nice discussions on overfitting, I would recommend you to read the other parts as well.
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Keke Zhang
Keke Zhang am 15 Mai 2018
Hi Jay: I want to know how did you draw the picture you gave? Thank you very much!

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Evan Koester
Evan Koester am 27 Mär. 2018
Bearbeitet: Evan Koester am 27 Mär. 2018
This problem has been addressed in the newly released MATLAB 2018a. If you have a groundtruth of your data, you can load it as a pixelLabelImageDatastore. This can be used in your ValidationData trainingOptions.
An example:
val4data = imageDatastore(location of image data); val4label = load('location of label groundtruth');
val4label = pixelLabelDatastore(val4label.gTruth); val4gt = pixelLabelImageDatastore(val4data,val4label);
opts = trainingOptions('sgdm', ... 'MaxEpochs', 5000, ... 'InitialLearnRate', .05, ... 'VerboseFrequency',validationFrequency,... 'ValidationData',val4gt,... 'ValidationFrequency',5,... 'Plots','training-progress',... 'CheckpointPath', tempdir,... 'MiniBatchSize', 48);
This will plot the validation data loss on the same plot as training loss when training your CNN. In my application I used pixel-wise labeling. Prior to MATLAB version 2018a, there was not a way to perform this without making a checkpoint, test validation data, continue training type of algorithm as mentioned above.

Saira am 15 Jun. 2020
I have 5600 training images. I have extracted features using Principal Component Analysis (PCA). Then I am applying CNN on extracted features. My training accuracy is 30%. How to increase training accuracy?
Feature column vector size: 640*1
My training code:
% Convolutional neural network architecture
layers = [
imageInputLayer([1 640 1]);
options = trainingOptions('sgdm', 'Momentum',0.95, 'InitialLearnRate',0.0001, 'L2Regularization', 1e-4, 'MaxEpochs',5000, 'MiniBatchSize',8192, 'Verbose', true);

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