error while compiling matlab file

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Wajahat am 3 Mai 2017
Bearbeitet: Jan am 3 Mai 2017
when i compile the the programm (see attached file), an error occur in defining mu1, please help me, how can i define mu1
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Adam am 3 Mai 2017
You didn't attach anything. And what do you mean by 'compile'? Are you using Matlab Coder to produce C++ code?
mu1 isn't defined at all in the code you give so obviously using it as an index will give an error.

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Jan am 3 Mai 2017
Bearbeitet: Jan am 3 Mai 2017
mu1 is used before it is defined. What is the prupose of:
real(mu1) = -log(1.3);
imag(mu2) = log(1.8);
? real() is a function and you cannot assign a value to the output of a function. Do you mean:
mu1 = -log(1.3) + 1i * log(1.8);
Then omit this line, which actually replaces a value by its value:
mu1 = real(mu1) + i .* imag(mu1);

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