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How do I get simulink output signal to attach to electrical conserving common contract of a DPDT simscape block?

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I've tried connecting directly between simulink signal and electrical conserving port (ecp) of simscape DPDT switch, simulink through a Simulink-PS (S-PS) block to ecp, voltage sensor w/wo S-PS. Nothing seems to work. Can someone please help? Thanks.
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Sudarshan Kolar
Sudarshan Kolar am 8 Mai 2017
Hello Doug,
Can you please share the screen shot of your model and explain the issue in further detail?
Sudarshan Kolar
Sudarshan Kolar am 8 Mai 2017
Bearbeitet: Sudarshan Kolar am 8 Mai 2017
To interface Simscape electronic component to Simulink, you will need some sort of measurement device at the output side. Please refer to some models in our documentation:

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Sabin am 13 Mär. 2023
Simulink-PS can be used to connect a Simulink signal to a PS port. It can be sued to connect to the vT — Switch control port of DPDT block. Electrical ports need to be connected to electrical domain lines.


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