VideoWriter with 4k images

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Maxime Rivard
Maxime Rivard on 2 May 2017
Edited: cr on 22 Nov 2020
Is there any way to use 4k images to make 4k videos with the VideoWriter function? Is outputs an error message saying its maximal resolution if (close to) 1080p. Or any other way to assemble 4k videos from 4k images with matlab? I used the function to create 1080p videos from 1080p images and it worked very well.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 2 May 2017
In R2017a,
obj = VideoWriter('test.avi');
data = rand(4096);
does not give any error message.
If I switch to obj = VideoWriter('test2.mp4', 'MPEG-4') then it allows me to write one frame but for the second one gives the non-specific error,
Error using VideoWriter/writeVideo (line 369)
Could not write a video frame.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 3 May 2017
Frames that large are not supported by MPEG-4 part 2, so it must be a Par 10 profile. Possibly only up to Level 5 is supported; see

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cr on 22 Nov 2020
Edited: cr on 22 Nov 2020
I see this error when trying to log live images from a UHD camera using DiskLogger feature in image acquisition toolbox. However, if I use VideoWriter() in the image preview callback it writes the UHD frames to video without error. But when I check the video file the number of frames are about a fifth of what's expected. A file logged for 35mins shows only 7min in video file even though the framerate is set correctly. Strange!
Disklogger method:
vidobj.LoggingMode = 'disk';
vidobj.DiskLogger = VideoWriter('video.mp4','MPEG-4');
vidobj.FramesPerTrigger = Inf;
Saving fames in Preview Callback method:
function previewREC_callback(obj,event,himage,handles,v)
himage.CData = event.Data;
catch err
fprintf(2,'Image Preview/Recording Error: %s\n',err.message);

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