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Axes fontsize not changing

Asked by Tamara Schlosser on 27 Apr 2017
Latest activity Commented on by Tamara Schlosser on 28 Apr 2017
On my laptop (with an external nvidia graphics card) I cannot change the axes font size. For example the command:
axes('position',[.1 .1 .8 .8],'FontSize',8)
Produces an axes with the default size 10 font size, not 8. If I run the exact same code on my work PC it works perfectly. Labels and legends are generated with the correct font size. I'm using matlab R2017a on my laptop and R2013b on my work PC, but I think the issue is my graphics card as I've had other issues previously. Do I need to change its settings?


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1 Answer

Answer by AstroGuy1984 on 27 Apr 2017

A possible workaround may be to try:
figure('DefaultAxesFontSize', 10);
axes('Position', [.1,.1,.8,.8]);
Out of curiosity to the issue are you stepping through it and seeing that the fontsize command is being ignored? Because it's possible that it's getting reset elsewhere.

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Thanks for your response. It seems I can use the above command to change the axes font size.
I'm finding the fontsize command is being ignored as I step through, it never changes. So far the fontsize commands are only ignored when called through axes...

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