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Brian on 28 Mar 2012
I have some VBA code that references a vendor's API in Excel. I am no longer running the job in Excel since I can pull all the data into Matlab and do my analysis much easier. I do still need to reference the API for uploading some information back to the system. The API is referencing a .dll on my local drive. I'm wondering if someone can help me translate this into Matlab code.
Here's an example of my VBA code
Sub UploadInfo()
Dim varResult As Variant
Dim FDSAPI As Object
Set FDSAPI = CreateObject("factset.factset_api")
varResult = FDSAPI.RunApplication("Data Central", _
"COMMAND=Upload", _
"PC_DATABASE = C:\MyFile.xls ", _
"DESCRIPTOR= Client:/Factor/SharesN", _
"ONLINE_DATABASE= Client:Factor/DBS/MyDB.ofdb", _
"MODE = Overwrite_Date", _
"BATCH = True")
Set varResult = Nothing
End Sub
Thanks a lot, Brian
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Brian on 10 Apr 2012
Just wanted to bump this question. Does anyone know how to either reference an API via Matlab or simulate VBA code with Matlab?

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Jacob Halbrooks
Jacob Halbrooks on 10 Apr 2012
MATLAB has an API for COM objects that you might try. See Using COM Objects in the doc. In particular, you can probably use ACTXSERVER to instantiate an object for your DLL.


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