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"Variable time delay" block in "For Each Subsystem"

Hello, I try to synthesize noise coming from multiple targets to multiple sensors. I have two cascaded for-each sub-systems, the outer one iterating over sensor coordinates, the inner one interating over target coordinates. In the inner one, already the distances, propagation speeds and noise propagation delays are calculated and the undelayed noise is generated. The problem is when using the "variable time delay" block to delay the noise by the propagation delays, I get an error because the "variable time delay" block generates continous states, which seem to be not allowed in "for each" blocks. Can anyone help me there?
Thanks in Advance Torsten Knodt


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Answer by Kaustubha Govind on 28 Mar 2012
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The For Each Subsystem does not support the Variable Time Delay block at this time. Is it possible to pull the delay block outside both For Each Subsystems? Since the Variable Time Delay block can handle matrix signals, you can apply the delay to the noise signal en masse.

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Thanks for the fast answer.
I can pull the VTD block out into the outer for each subsystem, but not further because the outer one summarizes them so that I have a vector of sums of VTD'ed noises at the top level model.
But good to know that the VTD block can handle matrix signals. I did not find information in the help regarding this. This should allow an workaround. I only have to output a matrix of VTD'ed noises to the top level and calculate row or column sums afterwards.
Thanks again for your fast answer. I see you are a MathWorks employee. Do you know if it is planned to support the VTD block in for blocks? It's not the first time I ran into this limitation but so far found a solution myself.

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