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after scatter3(), how to draw a contour line in the same figure?

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Hi, everybody,I have draw a scatter3 picture and I want to add some counter lines in this piture. Any one can help me ? after using this,
as you can see there are discrete points, but a lot of ponit have same value(z), so I want to add some counter lines to it like the next picture
what's more, my data(x,y,z) is discrete, all of them are
(2345*1 double)

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Rollin Baker
Rollin Baker am 14 Apr. 2017
Hi Hong,
As KSSV said, you just need to call 'hold on;' to plot both graphs on the same figure. I don't know exactly what your data looks like, but here is some example code that shows how to get a scatter plot and a contour map on the same figure.
x = -2:0.25:2;
y = -2:0.25:2;
z = x.*exp(-x.^2-y.^2);
scatter3(x, y, z);
hold on;
[X,Y] = meshgrid(x);
Z = X.*exp(-X.^2-Y.^2);
I hope you find this example helpful. Good luck on your project!

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