Error while redefining subsref for object, if there are methods with no output arguments

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I am trying to redefine brackets operator for my class, as written here: Code Patterns for subsref and subsasgn Methods
So, for all other subscripts except of '()' I should call buil-it function:
varargout = subsref(obj,s)
if ~strcmp(S(1).type, '()')
varargout = {builtin('subsref',obj,S)};
... % do something else
But when I call some methods with dot subscript, which do not return any arguments,
My builtin function returns no value for varargout and throws an error: "Too many output arguments."
Next, I have found that I should redefine numArgumentsFromSubscript method. But the problem is, when I call a method that have no return arguments, it does not call numArgumentsFromSubscript.
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Victor am 10 Apr. 2017
Bearbeitet: Victor am 10 Apr. 2017
UPD: Already solved it by adding 'obj' output to every methods, even to subasgn:
function obj = subsasgn(obj,S,inData)
instead of
function subsasgn(obj,S,inData)
and so on.

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