i have an segmented image. Now i want to select a particular region from that segmented image and i have to display it alone by using Region Growing method. how can i do this?

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Now my segmented images are 4 clusters, How can i select a specific region (ROI) by using region growing method?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 8 Apr. 2017
Depends on what algorithm it uses. I'm attaching one interpretation where I try to emulate the magic wand tool in Photoshop.
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 8 Apr. 2017
We already solved that. You insisted on using kmeans and I showed you how to get every class, including the tumor. Using region growing for an image that is already labeled into classes is pointless. The labeling process in essence already did the region growing so there is no need to repeat it. You're done after that.

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