how to find all possible paths between the two selected nodes.And how to label these nodes from given coordinate points.

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Sneha Kolapalli
Sneha Kolapalli on 5 Apr 2017
Answered: Sid Jhaveri on 10 Apr 2017
The nodes are located at 10 different (x,y)coordinates z =
8 1
4 2
7 3
1 2
8 2
4 3
7 0
1 3
8 4
4 2
source=(1,2) and target=(8,4)

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Sid Jhaveri
Sid Jhaveri on 10 Apr 2017
You might want to refer to the following links:
I believe you can also use Yen's K-Shortest Path algorithm. I would recommend searching the MATLAB file exchange for any implementation of this function. I was able to find the following to implementation of this algorithm:
Please note that you would have to store the information regarding the edges of the given graph somewhere (For example a matrix). Without the information about edges, it might not be possible to achieve this. Thus, I would recommend creating and storing information regarding the edges of this graph in a matrix before trying the above given solutions/ideas.

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