Changing Y limit of spectogram

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SS on 4 Apr 2017
Answered: Farid on 4 Apr 2021
Hi, I am drawing spectogram of a sound signal by the following code:
This code generates a spectogram with y axis of 0 to 7 kHz. I want to change the y limit to 0 to 3 kHz. I have tried both of the following. But, they didn't work.
ylim([0 3]);
set(gca,'YLim',[0 3]);
Can you please tell me how to change the y limit of a spectogram. Thansk
Farid on 4 Apr 2021
Thank you Aditya but the code won't work. did you try it by yourself?

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Answers (1)

Farid on 4 Apr 2021
ylim([0 fmax]) worked for me perfectly, You probably have not used clc; clear in the beginning.
I know it's too late now but anyway :))


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