Way to pass to a function a random variable based on array

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Chris on 22 Mar 2012
I have a list of variables in my workspace as a string array. I want to call a function to test every combo
Unfortunately when i run as it currently is it passes the string of the varialbe name and not the variable in my workspace. I have tried using the eval command however I can't have the eval command work in a parfor loop. Unfortunately without parfor it is very slow to test.
parfor i = 1:10
for j = i:10

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 22 Mar 2012
I would suggest using a structure array in your case.
testprocedure( VarStruct.(VarArray{i}), VarStruct.(VarArray{j}) )
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Oleg Komarov
Oleg Komarov on 22 Mar 2012
I am seriously thinking to resume my post on how people should scale their projects, because inevitably they end up with eval.

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Chris on 23 Mar 2012
Thanks, I guess I am a little confused though how to do.
So for example I have an array called TeamNames that contains all of the names of various teams. TeamNames(1,1) is called Bulls which is a variable in my matlab workspace. How do I pass Bulls to my function TestProcedure without using Eval? I want the forloop to loop through all TeamNames and run the test procedure on two teams at a time. Ideally using parfor since it is a lot faster. When I run the testprocedure(TeamNames(i,1),TeamNames,(j,1)) it passes the string of the variable rather than the matlab variable in my workspace. I have to use the eval command to pass however that is not compatible with Parfor so I am stuck.



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