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How can I plot a custom pattern in a subplot?

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Lars Stolp
Lars Stolp am 20 Mär. 2017
Beantwortet: Afiq Azaibi am 23 Mär. 2017
Hi, i tried to plot 4 patterncustom in 4 subplots. If the coordinate system is polar the plot will be printed. But if not the plot will delete all other subplots and only the last one will be displayed. Any hints to solve this issue?
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Adam am 20 Mär. 2017
Please show some code so we don't have to waste time guessing what you may be doing wrong.

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Afiq Azaibi
Afiq Azaibi am 23 Mär. 2017
You can reproduce the issue by running the following. If you set a break point on the last line, you will see the subplot disappear after executing the last line.
d = dipole;
[efield,az,el] = pattern(d, 75e6,'Type','efield');
phi = az';
theta = (90-el);
MagE = efield';
This behavior occurs because the default to visualize radiation pattern is set to polar. If you look at the source code of 'patternCustom' when using 'polar' or 'rectangular', the current figure will be deleted.

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