Simulink block to extract signal at index from vector signal doesn't exist?

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I'm looking for a block that takes 2 input signals: One vector signal and one integer index signal. The output would be
Am I just too stupid to find it or does that block really not exist? Any workarounds?
Also see my other question for my personal workaround. (Which I regard as being not so nice.)
I need this for use with the Simulink HDL Coder.
Kind regards and many thanks in advance,

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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 21 Mar 2012
You need the Selector block. It is supported for HDL Code Generation.
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Eike on 23 Mar 2012
Thank you, that is indeed exactly what I was looking for! To be honest, I had seen that block before but did not really understand how it works / in which ways I can configure it.

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Tim McBrayer
Tim McBrayer on 21 Mar 2012
The block you are looking for is the Multiport Switch block, located in the Simulink->Signal Routing library. This block is supported by Simulink HDL Coder. For your use case you will want to configure it to have one input port. Connect port one to your index signal, and port 2 to your vector signal. The output will be:
You can choose either zero-based or one-based indexing.

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David Amor
David Amor on 10 Jun 2014
Are you trying to get a single bit from a vector at an index? If so bitget would be easier and less verbose.
ans = bitget(vector,index);
but if you are trying to access a vector from an array of vectors then yeah, you need the selector block.

Bibek on 1 Apr 2015
Is there any block which will give the index from the value selected!!

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