How to have more than 12 workers

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Arman on 19 Mar 2012
Answered: Edric Ellis on 7 Mar 2014
Dear all,
I'm running my grid computing on a cluster of computers including a 24 core proliant HP server. Unfortunately there is no way to have more than 12 workers per host. I was wondering whether there is a way to add more than 12 workers so I can use the maximum Proliant sever capability with more than 12 workers. I do have distributed computing software and parallel computing toolbox licenses.
All the best, Armn

Accepted Answer

Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 19 Mar 2012
You need to set up MDCS on the server machine to have 24 workers there. You can then submit jobs that will utilize all 24 workers.
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Arman on 20 Mar 2012
the problem is that even admin center detects the server as 12-core not 24-core. Is there any solution to this?

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Konrad Malkowski
Konrad Malkowski on 20 Mar 2012
Are the processors in the server hyper-threaded?
Irrespective of what admin-center reports you can always start more workers than the reported number of cores.

Edric Ellis
Edric Ellis on 7 Mar 2014
Please note that in R2014a the limit on the number of local workers was removed. See the release notes.

Arman on 21 Mar 2012
Thanks. It worked.

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