Projectile connected by springs model

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Katlego on 19 Mar 2012
Good day i have a project that i need to model a system using mat lab and plot the resulting data. the problem is as follows: a system of 3 ideal masses connected together by springs. Mass 1 will be heavier than the 2 masses attached to it and will be fired from the origin at a specified angle (θ) and at a specified initial velocity into the air. Mass 1 will fly into the air and will pull Mass 2 and Mass 3 after it by the attached springs. The only other factor in the simulation will be the action of gravity on all the masses.
mass one is connected to mass two with spring 1 mass 3 is connected to mass 2 with spring 2 The simulation will track the evolution of the system at 0.1 second intervals until Mass 1 hits the ground. The positions of each mass must be recorded for every time interval. You must use a single function to calculate the distance between masses (which describes the length of the springs) and the angle between the connected masses to determine in what direction the springs are pulling on their respective masses.

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Kevin Holst
Kevin Holst on 19 Mar 2012
This is probably the 3rd or 4th submission of this same exact problem. Please review the question guide:
The volunteers here aren't here to do your homework for you. They're here to offer assistance when you get stuck. If you haven't attempted anything, then you're not stuck.

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