Is there a way to save a variable created in a function to the workspace?

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I have a variable being created in a function and want to save in the workspace so the command window can access.

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Oleg Komarov
Oleg Komarov on 19 Mar 2012
the syntax of a function could be summarized as:
[output1, output2, ...] = function(input1, input2, ...)
Say, yuor variable is named X in the function, then all you need to do is:
X = function(...)
If you call the function as:
your variable will be assigned automatically to ans, otherwise to
anyname = function(...)
anyname will be what is X in your function.
As Aldin pointed out, if you're in a GUI then use:

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Aldin on 19 Mar 2012
If you working in GUI i THINK that's impossible. It is an mistake in MATLAB because the data are not permanent as in Java.
Aldin on 19 Mar 2012
Hi Oleg. Sorry for my behavior. Thank you. I didn't know that.I think It would be better for MATLAB to think object oriented.

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Sahyadri Vibhu
Sahyadri Vibhu on 20 Mar 2012
I think "persistent" will help.
Just use
persistent variable_name = value
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 20 Mar 2012
That is not valid syntax. You can use
persistent variable_name
to indicate that the variable keeps its value between calls. You cannot, though, initialize it in the same statement, and doing so would be a waste of the idea that you want to pull back the value the variable had in the last function call.

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