udp communication with esp8266 module and plotting its graph on realtime.

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sajad mulk
sajad mulk am 27 Feb. 2017
Beantwortet: Hossam Gld am 21 Dez. 2018
%Creating UDP object
%Opening UDP communication
%Reading data
while 1
%Closing UDP communication
%Deleting UDP communication
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Subin Kuttappan Stellal Mary
1. Can you please elaborate the use-case?
2. Are you sending UDP data from ESP8266 Wi-Fi chip and trying to receive it in MATLAB?
3. Is the code working, or are you getting any errors?

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Hossam Gld
Hossam Gld am 21 Dez. 2018
hello, would you give us some explanation please ?
I need to recieve data from my arduino mega via wifi using the ESP8266-based Nodemcu, how can I realize this ? any help please


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