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muhammad faiz
muhammad faiz on 22 Feb 2017
Commented: Jan on 23 Feb 2017
Hi, if i have 2 matrices A and B. A=rand(1,2) B=rand(10,2)
how do i find a point B where the distance to points A is closest, and i do not what the min value (distances). i would like to find something like "find distances that is higher 30 percent than the min value of the distances". please, how to do just that?
thank you.

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Jan on 22 Feb 2017
Edited: Jan on 22 Feb 2017
Start with finding the distances:
A = rand(1,2);
B = rand(10,2);
Dist = sqrt(sum((A - B).^2, 2));
Then determine the minimum and add 30%:
searched = min(Dist) * 1.3;
Now search the distance, which is nearest to searched:
[~, Index] = min(abs(Dist - searched));
Finally Index is the row of B, which is nearest to 130% of the minimum distance.
Jan on 23 Feb 2017
This depends on the data. If the value, which is nearest to 130% is the nearest to 150% also, you get the same index. The smaller B is, the higher is the chance to get the same result for e.g. 130% and 140%. Try it with B = rand(1000, 2).

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