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How i can crop image with bw roipoly and how to display?

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clc;clear;close all;
a = imread('Capture1.png','png'); figure, imshow(a), title(' bearing pompa Tanggal 9 Agustus'); I=uint8(a); h = impoly; position = wait(h); BW = createMask(h); out = gray .* uint8(BW); imshow(out);
why always display like this when i was done with decission of my cropping position? anyone can help me to solve this problem?
Thank you so much :)

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Takuji Fukumoto
Takuji Fukumoto am 31 Jan. 2017
If you want to show the segmented image, please try this after creating mask.
out = rgb2gray(I);
out(~BW) =0;

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