I need command to close simulink project window after launching simulink project file in matlab 2015b??

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I am launching a simulink project file in my script to do some work and i am able to close the same project file but i am unable close its simulink project window.
Can anybody suggest me a suitable command for that.

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Gavin Walker
Gavin Walker am 23 Feb. 2018
You can use the Simulink Project API to close the currently open project:
>> project = simulinkproject;
>> project.close;

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Ganesh Hegade
Ganesh Hegade am 27 Jan. 2017
You can use close_system command to close Simulink system.
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subhra chandan behera
subhra chandan behera am 5 Jul. 2017
Bearbeitet: subhra chandan behera am 5 Jul. 2017
Hi ganesh I want to close simulink window by command after launching my project. I have attached a snapshot.

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