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compare the intensity of a pixel with the one next to it

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I have an Image (grayscale) and i want to compare each Pixel with the one next to it and if the value increases or decreases with more than 300 , i want to store its Location and then plot it with another Color on the picture . can any one help me please ? Thank you

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Takuji Fukumoto
Takuji Fukumoto am 25 Jan. 2017
if 'one next to it' means right side pixcel, you can identify the value increase/decrease more than 300.
I = imread('filename');
r = numel(I(:,1))
ext = zeros(r,1);
I1 = [I ext];
I2 = [ext I];
I3 = I1-I2;
Iout = abs(I3) > 300;
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 25 Jan. 2017
Better is I3 = double(I1) - double(I2); because images are typically integer data class.
Yassine Zaafouri
Yassine Zaafouri am 25 Jan. 2017
my image is already double but thank you for this anyway

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