why do get an error when I use the help function?

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Hi guys,i've attempted to use the help function on MAC Book Pro OS X El Capitan but it shows me the error message below.I'm using R2014a!Could someone please tell me what the problem could be!Thanks!
Attempt to execute SCRIPT help as a function: /Users/raymondkazibwe/Documents/MATLAB/help.m
Error in LeslieDior (line 2) help tan

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John Chilleri
John Chilleri on 24 Jan 2017
Edited: John Chilleri on 24 Jan 2017
It seems that you have a script/function named help.m in the directory.
You should rename this to something unique, and avoid ever naming your scripts/functions after built in commands/functions.
Once renamed to something other than help.m, the help command should work again!
Hope this helps!

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