How to orient a text arrow

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Alex on 24 Jan 2017
Commented: Alex on 24 Jan 2017
I am making a figure and added the x, y, z axes with labels for positve/negative x, y, and z using text(x,y,z,'leftarrow'). It looks good for the z-axis, but needs to be rotated for the xa and y axes. Is there a way to make an arrow that goes up and to the left (i.e. does something like 'leftuparrow' exist)?

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John Chilleri
John Chilleri on 24 Jan 2017
Edited: John Chilleri on 24 Jan 2017
You can specify the start and end of the arrow, as well as the type of arrow using an annotation.
It'll look something like:
x = [.2 .6];
y = [.1 .5];
which draws a text arrow from the point (.2*x axis range, .1*y axis range) to (.6*x axis range, .5*y axis range).
Hope this helps!
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Alex on 24 Jan 2017
Perfect, thank you!

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