Is there a way to print code from app designer?

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Eric H.
Eric H. am 24 Jan. 2017
Kommentiert: Raúl Acuña am 23 Jun. 2020
I can't figure out how to print code from the app designer like you can from the function/script editor. The only solution I have found is to copy all the code and copy into another editor. Is there a way to print code from the app designer?
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Greg am 24 Jan. 2017
I haven't found any way from the AppDesigner development environment itself. If all you want to print is the source code, is copy/paste into the Editor that bad? 4 combination keystrokes and you're done: Ctrl+A --> Ctrl+C --> (click on editor) Ctrl+V --> Ctrl+P.
If you use MATLAB's editor, you should even end up with the same markups (color scheme).

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Chris Portal
Chris Portal am 25 Jan. 2017
Copying and pasting into the Editor is the only way of doing this at the moment, but I've passed along the enhancement request to the team.

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Hope Q
Hope Q am 25 Okt. 2019
The development team followed through. In MATLAB R2019b, within the App Designer Code View, select Save and select "Export to .m File". I've just started using App Designer so I don't know which version of MATLAB introduced the export option.


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