Way to use parallel computing with nested parfor statements

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Chris on 13 Mar 2012
I have nested for statements, matlab is barely using 25% of my cpu when it is processing so I thought maybe I need to use the parallel computing toolbox which I have. I tried using the matlabpool(4) for 4 cores and I get an error undefined function or method matlabpool for input arguments of type 'double' I think something may be messed up with my matlab because it doesn't seem to recognize the command at all even without nexted for statements.

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 13 Mar 2012
Do you have the toolbox installed? Type 'ver' at the prompt.
If it's there, use "which matlabpool" to see where it's coming from. If nothing shows up, check your path using "path" and see if "toolbox/distcomp" and friends are there. You might need to reset your path to pick it up if something has removed it.

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