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how can my app inherit from my classes

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I have a class that can do some computations on some imported data. Now I would like to create an app with buttons for the methods in my class. Since I cant edit the first line in the "App Designer":
classdef App1 < matlab.apps.AppBase
is there another way of making my app inherit the methods and properties from my class?

Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 11 Jan 2017
The app (GUI) should not inherit methods from your class and it's a good thing matlab actually prevents it. This would be antithetical to the principle of OOP particularly encapsulation. The App class is designed to handle interaction with the GUI, nothing more. It certainly shouldn't expose the method of an unrelated class
The proper design is to have an instance of your class as public or private member( property) of the App class. You can instantiate that member at creation of the GUI (in the startup callback) and use its properties and methods anywhere from the app. So, the code would be something like:
classdef App1 < matlab.Apps.Appbase
% Properties that correspond to app components
properties (Access = public)
UIFigure matlab.ui.Figure
% Your own properties that you can edit:
properties (Access = private)
MyClass myobject % Description
methods (Access = private)
% Code that executes after component creation
function startupFcn(app)
app.myobject = MyClass(args);
Noah Griffiths
Noah Griffiths on 30 Mar 2021
classdef App1 < matlab.Apps.Appbase
Anyone aware what this syntax means.
Is the class instantiated inside the app designer or outside?
Does anyone know if app is a parameter passed into the class or is it not necessary? Trying to think in terms of how matlab usually forces the app parameter in functions in appdesigner

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