I have a datafile contains data sets (size 200* 15) .how can I apply on all the data a lowpass butterworth filter of 2-order with cutoff fre 10 HZ

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How can I call filter function like [b,a] = butter(n,Wn) or [b,a] = butter(n,Wn,ftype) for whole data file and collect them in another for further use.

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David J. Mack
David J. Mack am 29 Dez. 2016
Bearbeitet: David J. Mack am 29 Dez. 2016
Hey Rahul,
use FILTER with the coefficients created with BUTTER, e.g.:
%Assuming X is your 200x15 data matrix and fSInHz is the sampling rate of the data.
filtFCInHz = 10; %Cut-off frequency.
filtOrder = 2; %Order.
[b,a] = butter(filtOrder,filtFCInHz/(fSInHz/2)); %Normalize against Nyquist frequency.
Y = filter(b,a,X); %Y is the filtered 200x15 output.
If you want to apply zero-phase filtering (which is recommended for time series), use FILTFILT instead of FILTER.
Greetings, David
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David J. Mack
David J. Mack am 11 Jan. 2017
Do you have a time vector for your data? If so, use:
fSInHz = mode(diff(t,[],1),1);
Assuming t is a 200xk column-oriented array with the time for each sample in seconds. If k==1 (uniform sampling rate) fSInHz is a scalar, if k==15 (different sampling rates for each column in X) it is a 1x15 row vector.

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