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ode45 Event Option

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Duncan McIntosh
Duncan McIntosh on 11 Dec 2016
Commented: Duncan McIntosh on 11 Dec 2016
I am starting a parachute drop at 15000 ft and trying to stop at 5000 ft using the event option. The code works without the event when I call "solution_module" from the command window. With the event option, I get the following error message. SWITCH expression must be a scalar or character vector constant. Error in odeevents (line 31) switch lower(eventFcn) Error in ode45 (line 148) odeevents(FcnHandlesUsed,odeFcn,t0,y0,options,varargin); Error in solution_module (line 13) [T1,Y1,te,ye,ie]=ode45('ssm_module',[5:1:450],[V;A],options)


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Mischa Kim
Mischa Kim on 11 Dec 2016
Duncan, I put the entire code into one file and slightly changed the code (ode calls), see attachment. Works for me.
One more thing, the way you coded the events function the integrator will stop at x = -5000.
Change to
lookfor = x(1) - 5000;

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Duncan McIntosh
Duncan McIntosh on 11 Dec 2016
Works great. Thanks.

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