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How to read BNO055 sensor data in a Simulink Model on a BeagleBone Black

Asked by Saksham Soni on 1 Dec 2016
Latest activity Edited by Multiplexer on 16 Jan 2019
I am trying to build a real-time application on BeagleBone Black using Simulink. I need to get orientation data from a BNO055 Intelligent 9-axis absolute orientation sensor. I know this can be done by using the Adafruit library in python on the Beaglebone, but I am not able to figure out how to do it using Simulink.

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Answer by Multiplexer on 16 Jan 2019
Edited by Multiplexer on 16 Jan 2019

If you have a C/C++ library for beaglebone that will let you read/send data over I2C (that's what BNO055 uses), then you can either use legacy code tool to generate MEX-C file for simulation and code generation or alternatively an MATLAB Function block with coder.ceval() inside to call C/C++ functions from I2C library.
On Linux based MCU's, reading a hardware interface like I2C usually boils down to reading a specific file from the device memory, so you gonna use the linux basic file IO library and some code to parse data.


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