How to draw the legend with text in sprite line?

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Now I am doing some simulation.
But when I finished the main part, I have spent a lot time on the legend. My legend codes is as follows:
lgd = legend([s1,p1,p2,p3,p4],... 'n_L_O_S=2.1 \sigma_L_O_S=3.6dB', '(\alpha _N_L_O_S,\beta_N_L_O_S)=(79.2dB,2.6) \sigma_N_L_O_S=9.6dB'... ,'n_N_L_O_S=3.4 \sigma_N_L_O_S=9.7dB','Probabilistic Path Loss (Floating)','Probabilistic Path Loss (Close-In)','Location','best'); lgd.FontWeight = 'bold';
And then my result is like this
But what I want to do is like the next Figure
If you know the method to change the legend ,Please Comment .
Thanks a lot!!

Accepted Answer

HONG CHENG on 24 Nov 2016
Edited: HONG CHENG on 24 Nov 2016
Thank you And I have solve this Problem by this
t2 = ['(\alpha _N_L_O_S,\beta_N_L_O_S)=(79.2dB,2.6) ', sprintf('\n'),'\sigma_N_L_O_S=9.6dB'];
and It looks like this:

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KSSV on 24 Nov 2016
Legend depends on what markers and colors you have used during plotting. Check your plot specifications.
clc; clear all ;
plot(rand(10,1),'Ob') ;
hold on
plot(rand(10,1),'-m') ;
plot(rand(10,1),'-r') ;
plot(rand(10,1),'--b') ;
plot(rand(10,1),'-k') ;
plot(rand(10,1),'--b') ;
lgd = legend('n_L_O_S=2.1 \sigma_L_O_S=3.6dB', '(\alpha _N_L_O_S,\beta_N_L_O_S)=(79.2dB,2.6) \sigma_N_L_O_S=9.6dB'...
,'n_N_L_O_S=3.4 \sigma_N_L_O_S=9.7dB','Probabilistic Path Loss (Floating)','Probabilistic Path Loss (Close-In)','Location','best');
% lgd.FontWeight = 'bold';

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 24 Nov 2016


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