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How to save results of a Class-Based Unittest without ToFile Plugin?

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Hi, Is there any replacement for
class? I have Matlab 2013 and my Matlab does not have this Plugin. This ToFile class creates an output stream that writes text output to a UTF-8 encoded file.
Thanks, Arsalan

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Ganesh Hegade
Ganesh Hegade am 23 Nov. 2016
Create a test class with test cases
classdef Test_Class < matlab.unittest.TestCase
Then import the the test classes to a suite. If you have created test classes in a folder you can import all the test cases to Testsuite using below command.
suite = matlab.unittest.TestSuite.fromFolder(folder)
Then Run the suite to get the test results.
uniTestresult = run(suite);
uniTestresult will give you the information about the test carried.
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Shar am 23 Nov. 2016
classdef Test_MainFunction < matlab.unittest.TestCase
methods (Test)
function test_Caseone(testCase)
function test_Casetwo(testCase)
This is my only Test Class, I want to save a .txt file for each of these tests like a report or something.

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Andy Campbell
Andy Campbell am 23 Nov. 2016
As Sean alludes to in his comment, I think the best exxperience will be if you are able to upgrade to a newer release that has ToFile (it was introduced in R2014a). There are certainly many new capabilities and features of the test framework in newer releases.
However, until then, you may have some luck with the -logfile MATLAB startup option. Using this all of the output sent to the command window will also go to this logfile.
Good luck!


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