How to execute Ctrl+Right Click in GUIDE listbox

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I have a simple GUIDE with one listbox. This is what I am trying to do with the listbox:
  • If Right-Click on an item --> Add word "Right" to the selected item string and if Right-Click again remove the added "Right" from the string.
  • If Crtl+Right-Click on an item --> Add word "Ctrl+Right" to the selected item string and if Ctrl+Right-Click again remove the added "Ctrl+Right" from the string.
I'm using figure "currentkey" property to get status of "Ctrl" key (pressed or not). Everything works fine except that once I Ctrl+Right-Click the Ctrl key "pressed" status remains latched (which makes sense given that "currentkey" property does not update until another key is being pressed). The problem is that after this when I Right-Click (only), although the Ctrl key is not pressed, the Ctrl+Right-Click executes (because of latched Ctrl key pressed status) which is not as desired. So, how can I get the Ctrl key "pressed" status update in "real time" i.e. for that very moment that I'm Right-Clicking on an item in the listbox?
PS: I have also tried other figure properties such as "selectiontype" , "KeyPressFcn" , "KeyReleaseFcn" , "WindowKeyPressFcn" , "WindowKeyReleaseFcn" non of which helped me resolve the Ctrl+Righ-Click issue.
Code is attached.

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Alborz Sakhaei
Alborz Sakhaei on 14 Nov 2016
Edited: Alborz Sakhaei on 20 Apr 2017
Using "currentmodifier" instead of "currentkey" solved the problem.

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