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Can I convert a complex value vector into corresponding string?

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Shafali on 9 Nov 2016
Commented: Shafali on 10 Nov 2016
Hey I am reading character data from a text file and converting it into numeric value for further processing. After getting numeric value I performed addition operation with a complex value. Here is the sample code: f=fopen('abc.txt','r'); %open a text file y=fscanf(f,'%s'); %read the data fclose(f); w=double(y); %convert character data to corresponding double value u=w+zne; %add a complex number I just want to convert the result (u) back to its corresponding character form which I am not getting. Please help...

Accepted Answer

Henry Giddens
Henry Giddens on 9 Nov 2016
str = num2str(u)
Shafali on 10 Nov 2016
Sorry, I am troubling you guys again but I am faceing a problem while using the given solution in my code.The provided function worked for demo file as I am able to convert complex data into string. When I am using the function "num2str(u,'%s') in my code, it is giving error "Error using num2str (line 45). Input to num2str must be numeric". Please help...

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