Unit Testing with Jenkins on a server

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I had previously setup a unit testing suite which was automagically run by jenkins.
We've now changed architecture, so that jenkins now lives centrally on a server.
The tests no longer run, because I don't have matlab installed on the server...
Question; What is the minimum requirement for unit testing... standalone license? Matlab runtime? Does anyone know?
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Kind Regards, Simon
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Charles on 26 Sep 2018
I am interested in this as well...

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Simon Parten
Simon Parten on 27 Sep 2018
My conclusion was as follows;
  • Server requires a full matlab license. Runtime ain't gonna cut it.
  • My setup was particularly painful, because my server is airgapped from the internet by the mothership. It's possible... but barely practical to work around this. By pasting / mounting ISO files and license keys to the right places serverside.
  • Once working, it's super duper, uber useful.
  • In the end I had to give it up as it was too painful for me to maintain in my environment.

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