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How to disable an action button programmatically in Simulink mask?

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Damien am 20 Okt. 2016
Bearbeitet: Matthew am 22 Nov. 2016
Hello, I'm actually looking for disable a button in a mask under conditions, it works well with parameters with the following code but when it is a button it doesn't work.
if strcmp(Name,'User defined')
My block has two parameters, the first one is called 'ModelName', it is a 'Popup' parameter with some names and one is 'User defined'. The second is currently an 'Edit' parameter but I want to change it or add a 'Button' action and enable it only if 'User defined' is selected.
Thanks for your help.
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Gareth Lee
Gareth Lee am 20 Okt. 2016
can you show the diagram corresponding to block and mask interface(include the segment code)
Damien am 21 Okt. 2016
There is nothing to show, I just want to know how to disable a button, I can do it with parameters but not with buttons.

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Matthew am 22 Nov. 2016
Bearbeitet: Matthew am 22 Nov. 2016
Here's a method
maskHandle = Simulink.Mask.get(gcb);
buttonHandle = maskHandle.getDialogControl('myButtonName');
buttonHandle.Enabled = 'off';
Thanks to John D. in this answer for the the way to get the button handle.


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